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Rector’s Letter 2

  Tel: 01536 414052 Email: www:   Days of lockdown and future plans   I want to take this opportunity to write to you again to bring you up to date with future plans and thoughts for church. I apologise for the length of this letter, please do try to read it all.Continue reading “Rector’s Letter 2”

My ChurchSuite

Providing you have given consent for St Botolph’s to use store your personal data, you should have by now received an invitation to join “My ChurchSuite”.It will have looked like this. What is it? ChurchSuite is a cloud hosted (Internet), web-based management system, essentially an extensive information database, designed for churches. Who is it for?Continue reading “My ChurchSuite”

Morning Service for 3rd May

Fourth Sunday of Easter   This service will be available from 9am on 3rd May. Introduction Song:     Song:   For the Children:   Children’s Song:   Intercessions: Bible Reading: Song: Sermon: Do, please, have your Bible ready and open at Romans chapter 8   Song:   Ending:  

Medical Matters

The following is from the Christian Medical Fellowship, a group in a position to offer a great deal of support during these stressful times. Information given here may be useful for any of us, but it would be great if you could pass it along to any medics, nurses, midwives etc. you may think willContinue reading “Medical Matters”

In the name of simplicity

As we have now got our YouTube channel up and running it seems a good idea to make it as simple as possible for you to find it. With this in mind all of our internet address end with So, for your records please note the following: Office email: Rector’s email: MainContinue reading “In the name of simplicity”

Virtual fellowshipping

Social isolation is not all bad. There are a great many of us having more contact with others than we normally do. The virtual world, made possible by the internet, has really come into its own, and many of us, even once technophobes, have embraced the brave new world and become technophiles. Experts in email,Continue reading “Virtual fellowshipping”

Bible for Little Ones

The Jesus Storybook Bible on the St Bot’s YouTube Channel I first came across The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones a few years ago when my son was about five or six. There are lots of ‘children’s’ Bibles on the market, some of which are excellent, The Beginners’ Bible for instance is a greatContinue reading “Bible for Little Ones”

Church @Home

I do hope you are finding the resources we are providing of some use. They are: A ‘Daily Thought’ posted every day on our YouTube Channel. These are from a variety of people, team members and others members of the fellowship. A daily YouTube live broadcast of morning prayer at 8am each day lasting aboutContinue reading “Church @Home”

For the Children

On our YouTube channel we have just posted the first of what will be a series of videos in which Helen reads from The Children’s Storybook Bible. This is an excellent children’s Bible with well written versions of Bible stories just for children. You could use them, along with a children’s song or two andContinue reading “For the Children”

No need to fear

A member of the congregation writes: I’m sorry to say I have already forgotten the details of the discussion, but the one thing that has stuck with me from the Sunday evening service a couple of weeks ago was someone saying – Remember Jonah ran away when he was scared. I have to admit I’mContinue reading “No need to fear”

To keep you going

Well, it looks like the present situation will be with us for the long term, at least until late summer anyway. I don’t know how we’ll all cope shut up inside, especially as the weather gets warmer. I guess we just have to remain stoical and remember the wartime motto, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.Continue reading “To keep you going”

Questions, questions

A crisis like the one we are currently facing inevitably leads to questions. How can I make sense of what is happening? When will it end? Even, will I survive it? These are quite apart from the theological questions about God’s part in it all. Well, I hope to write some articles here over theContinue reading “Questions, questions”

Keep Calm and Carry On

some thoughts from a retired GP and church member. There is a lot of anxiety and misinformation around which is made worse by uncertainty. We do not know who is infected, how fast it will spread, what other measures we may have to take but we do know we have a faithful God who lovesContinue reading “Keep Calm and Carry On”

All Stop!

It is with deep sadness that we now have to suspend all Sunday services with immediate effect. As this Sunday is Mothering Sunday, flowers for you to give mothers will be available at the church gate, please help yourselves. We have postcards available should you wish to use them to offer support to neighbours. IfContinue reading “All Stop!”

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