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Christianity Explored Online

4-week series of videos and discussion via ‘Zoom’ led by Rev Mark Lucas  beginning Monday 10th August (7.30 – 9 pm) An opportunity for enquiry into the Christian faith, a chance to ask questions and look for answers in a relaxed and informal setting. Please think and pray about friends, neighbours, work colleagues or family, or … Continue reading “Christianity Explored Online”

Sunday 19th July

6th Sunday After Trinity More on J I Packer from Crossway – Includes a free book! Full conversation with Slavko and Sanja

Keswick @Kettering!

This Lockdown time has really been really tough for many of us. We have missed out on so many special events. It’s hard even to open the diary and be reminded that they have been and gone. Sadly, we have missed out on most of St Bot’s Festival 900 celebrations, many of us missed our … Continue reading “Keswick @Kettering!”

State of Play

Since the announcement that ‘places of worship can now reopen,’ we have been thinking hard, sharing ideas and generally brainstorming about ways to get St Botolph’s up and running again. We have reordered the inside of the church building to ensure social distancing, and in order to accommodate the maximum number, we have opted for … Continue reading “State of Play”

Don’t be misled

It seems the BBC are trying to mislead us again. Actually, this is nothing new for the BBC, or journalism in general for that matter, plain reporting seldom makes interesting news. We only have ourselves to blame though, we want our news to be interesting. Or we turn off! So, what have they done now? … Continue reading “Don’t be misled”

The End is Nigh. Maybe?

The last ‘5 o’clock briefing’ occurred last Tuesday, 23rd June. The briefings have been an important part of the government strategy to get through these days of ‘lockdown’. Senior cabinet members flanked by leading scientists have led us through daily statistics. We’ve learned a lot about how to evaluate, handle, interpret (manipulate?), and present statistical … Continue reading “The End is Nigh. Maybe?”

Supporting St Bots

Although lockdown is easing somewhat, it is going to be a while before we resume normal public worship. Since March, finances have been put under considerable strain. Income from Church House room hire has dried up. Being unable to hold “Life event” services, such as weddings, means no fees have been collected. Free will offering … Continue reading “Supporting St Bots”

Equality, Race and Freedom

There is a lot of racism reported in the new Testament, always condemned I should add. The well known parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10v30-37) plays on the racism between Jews and Samaritans. The Apostle Peter needed divine education before he would accept that the gospel message was for people other than Jews alone … Continue reading “Equality, Race and Freedom”

Rector’s Letter 2

  Tel: 01536 414052 Email: www:   Days of lockdown and future plans   I want to take this opportunity to write to you again to bring you up to date with future plans and thoughts for church. I apologise for the length of this letter, please do try to read it all. … Continue reading “Rector’s Letter 2”

A virtual Mechanical Music Concert by Kevin McElhone.

This should have taken place on Saturday 23rd May 2020, I thought I would put this together as a ‘safe’ substitute.           You may choose to listen to any or all of these pieces of music.               Do feel free to pass this on to anyone else from the Church Fellowship that you think might … Continue reading “A virtual Mechanical Music Concert by Kevin McElhone.”

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