Christianity Explored Online

4-week series of videos and discussion via ‘Zoom’ led by Rev Mark Lucas 

beginning Monday 10th August (7.30 – 9 pm)

An opportunity for enquiry into the Christian faith, a chance to ask questions and look for answers in a relaxed and informal setting.

Please think and pray about friends, neighbours, work colleagues or family, or church family members, who might be interested in this and invite them to sign up. You might like to join with a guest in order to support and encourage them. 

Email  to register an interest, sign up or simply pass on the name of someone you think might find this course beneficial. 

Supporting St Bots

Although lockdown is easing somewhat, it is going to be a while before we resume normal public worship.

Since March, finances have been put under considerable strain. Income from Church House room hire has dried up. Being unable to hold “Life event” services, such as weddings, means no fees have been collected. Free will offering by envelope and offertory plate has been badly disrupted.

To try and mitigate this, we have set up Online Giving with “” and “SumUp”. This is a secure and straightforward way to give to St Bots and is backed by Parish Buying, a service provided by the Church of England.

If you would like to give to church then please follow the link below.

If you already give by standing order or direct debit, or are saving up free will offering envelopes, don’t feel you need to use this service also.

Give to St Bots

A virtual Mechanical Music Concert by Kevin McElhone.

This should have taken place on Saturday 23rd May 2020, I thought I would put this together as a ‘safe’ substitute.  

        You may choose to listen to any or all of these pieces of music.

              Do feel free to pass this on to anyone else from the Church Fellowship that you think might find it of interest.

Top-10 instruments from the National Mechanical museum Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands.

[including an automatic system for playing Bells]

Automatic Bell Playing machine, a Carillon   [The Parish Church in Wellingborough has one]

Handbells – playing You Raise Me Up on 61 bells

 (with a change of key to give everyone a chance to play)

Bohemian Rhapsody on Handbells

A small 30-note modern musical box playing cardboard strips

 [which can easily be punched with new tunes] 

This is not a well-known tune but is rather nice.

Ballszenen (Scène de bal) by Joseph Hellmesberger

A Cylinder Musical Box with 2 combs – The first tune is Faust Waltz by Gounod

[owned by a friend of mine in London]

Cylinder Musical box with drum, bells and Reed Organ – playing Ave Maria by Bach-Gounod

Mira 15 inch Disc Musical Box.    In the Sweet By and By

Mira 15 inch Disc Musical Box.    Shall We Gather at the River

Polyphon old 1d Penny in the Slot Disc Musical Box  50cm disc

Ave Maria.  Schubert

Polyphon old 1d penny in the slot Disc Musical Box.  24½ inch (62.5cm) disc.

The Last Rose of Summer 

Manopan 39-note double-reed table-top organette

Puppen Waltz + Mikado Waltz (Gilbert & Sullivan)

Aeolian 46-note reed organ   Amapola [Pretty Poppy]

Aeolian 58-note Orchestrelle Reed Organ  In the Good Old Summertime

I would welcome any comments you have


My ChurchSuite

Providing you have given consent for St Botolph’s to use store your personal data, you should have by now received an invitation to join “My ChurchSuite”.
It will have looked like this.

What is it?

ChurchSuite is a cloud hosted (Internet), web-based management system, essentially an extensive information database, designed for churches.

Who is it for?

Churches of all sizes and denominations.

My ChurchSuite is a great member-facing system within ChurchSuite, which provides access to church information.
There are 5 modules within My ChurchSuite:

  • My Communication” – This lists emails and SMS messages you may have received from church. (if sent from ChurchSuite)
  • My details” has 4 sub modules:
    Details, which contains your name, address etc, including date of birth, should you choose to disclose it.
    Login, which stores your email address and where you can change your password.
    Privacy, where you can manage which of your personal data is visible to other users.
    Communication, where you decide whether or not to receive emails and SMS messages.
  • “My events” – Lists upcoming events related to church activity.
  • My Giving” – Here you can make one off donations to St Bots or set up a direct debit. (If you already give regularly by standing order, there would be no need to set up a new direct debit) It also maintains a record of what you have given and permits Gift Aid to be included.
  • “Search for others” – A full searchable fellowship directory, providing contact information where members have consented to their details being made available.
    Only registered members can view this, it is not public facing.

How to use My ChurchSuite

• In the invitation email click on”Go to My ChurchSuite” and follow the steps to log on for the first time. Once done you can then update your details if you wish to, and change your password.

You will then have access to the modules listed above.

Some Screenshots from My ChurchSuite

My Communication

My Details

My Giving

My Events

Search for Others