Harvest for the Hungry 2021

Sunday 26th September 2021

Our annual opportunity to help some of the poorest people in Europe

St Botolph’s will again be sponsoring food parcels, through Transform Europe Network, so that TEN’s overseas partners can purchase locally the food they put in their humanitarian parcels. The first £3,000 of St Botolph’s Harvest for the Hungry gift will be designated to ensure that the monthly humanitarian parcels distributed by our sister church in Sarajevo can continue for another year. Each of their parcels costs about £20. 

Because St Botolph’s is not in a normal pattern of activity yet, this is what we ask you to do if you would like to give:

  1. Prayerfully decide how much you want to give towards Harvest for the Hungry.
  2. Put your gift (cash, or cheque made payable to “Harvest for the Hungry” ie. NOT to St Botolph’s Church) into an ordinary envelope addressed to: Harvest for the Hungry, c/o Derek Wade, 8 Gotch Road, Barton Seagrave NN15 6UQ
  3. Either post or hand-deliver your envelope to the Church Office or 8 Gotch Road. Alternatively you can hand it in with the collection on Harvest Festival Sunday.

If you prefer to give electronically, then you can give online via the TEN website by clicking here (this link will take you straight to the TEN online giving page).

Because the first £3,000 is designated to the humanitarian ministry of our sister church in Sarajevo, it is important that we know how much we have given as a church, either in cash/cheques or online. For this reason if you give direct to TEN online, please let us know the size of your gift, you can let us know anonymously if you wish. Let us know by emailing Derek at by clicking here, or by sending a note to Derek via the church office, or direct to his home.

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