Moving Forward

All hopes are set on June 21st to be the end of CoV restrictions. I hope and pray that it is, and we can begin to get back to something resembling normality.

Of course, this means that we will begin moving our services from virtual ones on the internet back to real services in our church buildings. This will not be a sudden shift; we recognise that some will still be anxious about being in the church building. But the prospect of real ‘live’ services where can be together, sing, share fellowship and even hug one another, is something most of us are looking forward to with eager anticipation.


  • From Sunday 16th May morning services will be streamed from the church building at 9.45am. From 23rd May we hope a congregation will be present.
  • Each Sunday evening we will continue with our service of evening prayer at 6.30pm. The service will be livestreamed with a live congregation.
  • Warkton 11am service will remain outside for the moment. Too many people are enjoying this service to change at the moment.
  • Daily Morning Prayer will remain online only.

Do watch this space for more details as we emerge from our year of lockdown.

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