Our friends at Moulton Church have arranged this event.

Three Zoom sessions led by Mel Lacey, Head of Growing Young Disciples. Mel has many years experience in leading youth and children’s work and is an excellent teacher and communicator.

This event is aimed at parents and children’s/youth workers.

Session 1. Monday March 29th  8pm – 9:30pm  In this session we’ll be thinking about helping kids to know who they are in light of the pressure to form certain types of images & identities by the world. The session will focus lots on helping parents/youthworkers/childrens workers understand the pressures & how they can then help kids know they are created in the image of God.

Session 2. Monday 26th April 8pm – 9:30pm. This session will move onto helping kids relate to people who differ from them, and how to have a biblical faith & lovingly engage with others.

Session 3. Monday 24th May 8pm – 9:30pm. This session we’ll be thinking about how to help kids relate to the world, focusing on helping them to engage well with TV, movies, social media, music etc. with a biblical worldview.

There is a small voluntary contribution of £5 towards the cost of the event.

Contact Helen for further details.        Helen@stbots.church       07973 164020

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