Lee’s Lenten Lections

At the time of the Reformation in England, when the Church of England was established, it became clear to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, that very few of the clergy could preach! The answer to this problem was to write a book of sermons or ‘homilies’ that clergy could read out at their services. The idea was that over time they would cease to be needed as clergy learned the art of preaching. The books of homilies have been available from that day to this, which says a lot about the standard of preaching in the Church of England over the centuries. For many, the homilies have become inaccessible due to their antiquated language. If only someone would update the language and reprint them? Well. Lee Gatiss, formerly of this parish, and now National Director of Church Society has done just that. The book will be available soon. However, if you can’t wait, head over to the Church Society YouTube channel where Lee will be reading one of the homilies each day during Lent. Each instalment lasts about ten minutes. It is well worth a visit each day during Lent to hear ‘Lee’s Lenten Lections’ from the books of Homilies.

Church Society YouTube channel click here.

Church Society website click here: Church Society.

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