Reading Between the Lines – Daily Bible Readings

There are lots of really helpful Bible reading notes around which I’m sure a good number of you make excellent use of. I wanted to draw your attention to one in particular. They a couple of volumes which we have been using as a family over the last few weeks and which we have found to be enlightening, encouraging and engaging.

Reading Between the Lines (Volume 1 – Old Testament and Volume 2 – New Testament), written by Glen Scrivener provides “true refreshment, both of mind and spirit.” (Richard Bewes OBE). Glen’s style of writing is easily understood; at times he is surprising and forthright whilst explaining a well known Bible passage with new insight and detail.

The foreword to the second volume is written by Michael Reeves, President and Professor of Theology at Union School of Theology. In it he says, “Glen takes your focus and fixes it on Jesus in all his grace and glory… you’re drawn to marvel and rejoice and treasure Christ more each day”

I mentioned that we have been using the books as a family; the daily Bible readings and notes can be done in around six or seven minutes, this is great for the attention span of a teenager (no offence to all the teenagers out there!). I would recommend that the notes are appropriate for teenagers and adults but not for younger children.

The books are available from 10 of Those, The Good Book Company and other suppliers.

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