China Prayer Diary December & January

Prayer Points
December 2020
January 2021

1 As Covid-19 has stabilized in China, many activities have resumed. However, the official churches nationwide are still closed, waiting for further notice from the government before they can reopen. Pray that church services can resume as soon as possible.

2 As official churches have not yet resumed, house gatherings are becoming more common. These gatherings are facing attacks from officials because they are illegal. Pray that Christians will be able to meet regularly and safely.

3 Pray for L, a church worker. When he tried to return to his home town, hoping to resume service at the church, he found it was closed down for inspection. He and his family were told to leave. They were forced to move to a nearby small town, but faced expulsion there too. May God prepare a suitable place to live for this family of four.

4 Pray for W who serves at a house church. His church has been part of the official church system, and was able to enjoy much autonomy during the past few years. However, it is now difficult to function under the current administrative order of “no private gatherings”. The church leader is in a dilemma, as the church members are hoping that gatherings will resume as soon as possible. Pray that God will give W wisdom.

5 In recent years, it has been difficult for churches to run youth ministries because there is a ban on religious activities for those under 18. But some church workers have been able to reach out through counseling or tutoring. Pray for church workers who focus on youth ministries.

6 Although it is illegal to run children’s Sunday school programs, there are still ongoing informal children ministries in different areas. Those involved in children’s ministries are under a lot of pressure. For example, any government employee found to be involved in these activities will be dismissed. Pray for these faithful brothers and sisters.

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