We’ll meet again…don’t know when…

I hope you have all enjoyed Christmas and New Year in some way.

We were all so grateful that this Christmas we were able to have some ‘in -person’ services at St Botolph’s and St Edmund’s alongside our online services and even able to sing carols outdoors!

With the good news of the vaccine rollout underway we eagerly look forward to the day when our services will be able to return to a more familiar format.

We are assured by Boris that the newly authorised Oxford vaccine has brought that day somewhat closer. Let’s hope and pray that is true.

For now, however, we are urged to be patient. Tier 4 restrictions and news of increased transmissibility are not what we had hoped for as we enter 2021.

Although the tier 4 rules do allow us to continue to worship, the news that tier 4 is unlikely to be sufficient to contain the new variant of COVID-19 lead me to consider it not to be advisable, at least for now.

So there won’t be any services ‘in person’ either at St.Botolph’s or St.Edmund’s until further notice. Private prayer on Wednesday’s will also be suspended.

This is difficult news but we must prioritise our responsibility to one another and to our community.

“Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should”

In the meantime, online services continue as usual and we will be reviewing the situation regularly. Let us all pray for a swift end to this pandemic.

We will meet again, we just don’t know when!

May God bless us all in 2021,

Your friend and Rector,







One thought on “We’ll meet again…don’t know when…”

  1. Dear Mark and Julie,

    Thank you for your strength and very clear messages at this very difficult and confusing time. The covid 19 is no mans friend and is causing endless problems and confusion. There are people who do not understand or perhaps will not understand the seriousness of this.

    Thank you again, with love and prayers for you and your family.

    Ian and Pat.

    Ian had his first Covid injection at NGH and is due to have his second one

    hopefully next week.


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