Christianity Explored Online

4-week series of videos and discussion via ‘Zoom’ led by Rev Mark Lucas 

beginning Monday 10th August (7.30 – 9 pm)

An opportunity for enquiry into the Christian faith, a chance to ask questions and look for answers in a relaxed and informal setting.

Please think and pray about friends, neighbours, work colleagues or family, or church family members, who might be interested in this and invite them to sign up. You might like to join with a guest in order to support and encourage them. 

Email  to register an interest, sign up or simply pass on the name of someone you think might find this course beneficial. 

Keswick @Kettering!

This Lockdown time has really been really tough for many of us. We have missed out on so many special events. It’s hard even to open the diary and be reminded that they have been and gone. Sadly, we have missed out on most of St Bot’s Festival 900 celebrations, many of us missed our annual trip to ‘Bible by the Beach’, others will missed various Christian events organised all over the country that they were hoping to be part of. Our children have had church holiday club cancelled, and many teens were very disappointed by the cancellation of their summer camps.

BUT…there is HOPE! There is a silver lining to the lockdown cloud… We can still go. it’s free! And, wonderfully, the name of the event is ‘Hope!’

This year St Botolph’s is excited to invite EVERYONE to join us for the ‘Keswick Convention’! 27th – 31st July. The event looks absolutely fabulous, details can be found on their website ( There is fantastic Bible teaching, music, seminars for children, teens, and adults, and there’s a great slot called ‘Count Everyone In’ at 12 o’clock each day, a devotion for adults with learning disabilities. And you can take part, and enjoy any of these in your own home!

Timings of each day:

  • 9am         Prayer (Tuesday-Friday)
  • 10am         Bible readings ‘Hope in Jesus’ looking at the Psalms
  • 11am         Coffee Break (yes even that is there too!)
  • 11.15am    Seminars / KESWICK for KIDS / KESWICK youth (for those just rolling out of bed!)
  • 12am         ‘Count everyone in’ for adults with learning disabilities
  • 8pm         Evening Celebrations (various)
  • 8pm        Keswick YOUTH (LINK and 1eighty are meeting together in Church House garden for this)

Let’s encourage each other to ‘do’ Keswick together!

Why not plan to meet up with another family, have tea together, and watch the evening celebrations on TV? OR, house groups – maybe you could organise in bubbles of 6 if someone has amazing Wi-Fi in the garden… or watch together over Zoom? Maybe house groups could plan to watch a session and then zoom afterwards to chat over the seminar? Why not brunch with the family at 11.15am for the kids’ sessions or youth sessions, all in your PJs?

Let’s get creative! Keswick look like they’ve put a lot of work into this, and having been going for 150 years we have every confidence that it’ll be brilliant!

Going to camps and conferences, such as Keswick, is an amazing opportunity. It is often an incredibly refreshing time: time to reflect, time to repent, time to praise and again be in awe of our Mighty God, and time prayerfully to look forward to the coming year with God’s perspective more closely etched our minds.

Please do use this unique opportunity to be refreshed in His word, and to think about the hope that God brings. invite family and friends along, and let’s keep growing in Christ together.

Lots of love to you all

Kirsty xx

State of Play

Since the announcement that ‘places of worship can now reopen,’ we have been thinking hard, sharing ideas and generally brainstorming about ways to get St Botolph’s up and running again. We have reordered the inside of the church building to ensure social distancing, and in order to accommodate the maximum number, we have opted for a minimum of 1m separation. Within this we have allowed for small groups who live together or inhabit a ‘bubble’ so they can sit together. Unfortunately 1m separation does mean, within the current government guidelines, that anyone wishing to attend will need to wear a face covering. We believe we can accommodate somewhere around 70 people.

Currently we still must observe the guidelines: no singing, no conversation, responses must be quiet, no books or sheets can be used, and people must silently vacate the building as soon as the service finishes. People may, of course, bring their own Bible if they wish – I would recommend this. Sadly, we are not yet able to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.

Our current plan, then, is to maintain our internet services: morning prayer and Sunday Service for as long as we need to. Alongside this we hope to introduce an evening service in the church building from August onwards. Numbers will be limited, of course, by social distancing rules. It may be that, by then, the rules have changed, we await to see.

As rules and guidelines are frequently changing these plans may need to change. But, for now, get the first Sunday in August, 6.30pm in your diary and plan to join us to worship God together as His gathered people.