My ChurchSuite

Providing you have given consent for St Botolph’s to use store your personal data, you should have by now received an invitation to join “My ChurchSuite”.
It will have looked like this.

What is it?

ChurchSuite is a cloud hosted (Internet), web-based management system, essentially an extensive information database, designed for churches.

Who is it for?

Churches of all sizes and denominations.

My ChurchSuite is a great member-facing system within ChurchSuite, which provides access to church information.
There are 5 modules within My ChurchSuite:

  • My Communication” – This lists emails and SMS messages you may have received from church. (if sent from ChurchSuite)
  • My details” has 4 sub modules:
    Details, which contains your name, address etc, including date of birth, should you choose to disclose it.
    Login, which stores your email address and where you can change your password.
    Privacy, where you can manage which of your personal data is visible to other users.
    Communication, where you decide whether or not to receive emails and SMS messages.
  • “My events” – Lists upcoming events related to church activity.
  • My Giving” – Here you can make one off donations to St Bots or set up a direct debit. (If you already give regularly by standing order, there would be no need to set up a new direct debit) It also maintains a record of what you have given and permits Gift Aid to be included.
  • “Search for others” – A full searchable fellowship directory, providing contact information where members have consented to their details being made available.
    Only registered members can view this, it is not public facing.

How to use My ChurchSuite

• In the invitation email click on”Go to My ChurchSuite” and follow the steps to log on for the first time. Once done you can then update your details if you wish to, and change your password.

You will then have access to the modules listed above.

Some Screenshots from My ChurchSuite

My Communication

My Details

My Giving

My Events

Search for Others

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