CMF Prayer Diary for Nurses and Midwives

12 May – For nurses and midwives across our nation and across the world to show in the care of their patients the love and compassion that God showed us in sending Jesus [Phil 2:5-11, 2 Cor 13-5)

 13 May – For nurses and midwives working in understaffed and overstretched teams – for encouragement, rest, support and good leadership as they seek to give the best care in difficult circumstances. [Matt 11:28]

 14 May – For student nurses and midwives to grow in confidence and competence and for a strengthening of their sense of calling to the work. [Col 3:17]

 15 May – For Christian nurses and midwives facing challenges to their freedom of conscience and openness about their faith in secular workplaces; that they can keep their integrity whilst giving the best care to their patients and working within the guidelines of the profession. [1Peter 3:13-17]

 16 May – That the voices and role of nurses and midwives across the world in strengthening the health and wellbeing of their communities would be recognised and supported by governments, churches and other institutions. [Proverbs 3:19]

 17 May – For migrant nurses and midwives, away from their families and culture, having to work in an unfamiliar health system and in a foreign language; may they find welcome, friendship, spiritual and social support as they care for others. [Lev 19:34]

 18 May – a prayer for nurses ‘Heavenly Father, strengthen the hands and hearts of nurses & midwives to show your love and care for those in need, to grow in competence, to serve the common good and to act as examples of compassion and selfless care, in the name of your Son who laid aside his glory to serve and die for us, Amen’

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